Michelle Estrada

Director of Strategy & Implementation

Michelle Estrada is Fedcap Inc.’s Director of Strategy and Implementation. Ms. Estrada began her career within workforce development organizations in the information technology department 20 years ago. After troubleshooting data systems and applications for six years, she migrated to analyzing and improving underperforming workforce services operations. Ms. Estrada leverages her technology and operations expertise to tailor strategies for program management, service delivery, quality assurance, and performance management, providing guidance in the development of tools that empower teams to evaluate their performance and participant engagement and to improve efficiency using newer technologies to improve and sustain levels of excellence. She also plays a key role in business development and proposal management. Her most recent endeavors include developing and implementing the strategy for performance management and participant outreach for TANF programs in Ohio’s Franklin County and in the State of Maine. In both programs, the strategies implemented resulted in doubling work participation rates within the first three months of operation.

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