Fedcap Inc.'s Kelly Washburn appointed to NYCETC Workforce Policy Strategy Council
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We believe in the Dignity of Work.
We value life-long learning.
We expect excellence not perfection.
You can get anywhere you want to go, from right where you are.
Each day we need to ask ourselves “who do we want to be?”
Mistakes are just an opportunity to begin again.


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About us

Fedcap Inc. is a value-driven organization.   

We provide a broad range of services to thousands of individuals across a growing footprint, helping them achieve economic and social well-being.

Our dedicated Board of Directors does an amazing job of advocating for and supporting our efforts, challenging us to do more to change the lives of those we serve.  

Our team of talented, caring staff are passionate about our work.  They are committed to ensuring that every individual served can experience the dignity that comes from a job.

We have tested a series of interventions that are effective in helping even the most challenged individual, find and retain meaningful employment with career ladders.

programs & Services

Fedcap Inc. offers a wide array of programs and services to help individuals achieve success in education and employment and become self-sufficient adults. Our specific focus areas include case management, work readiness, vocational and employer based training, job placement and post placement supports.


FedcapCARES and Single Stop technology offer state of the art case management.

FedcapCARES (Customer Assistance for Re-employment and Economic Support) is a comprehensive, automated cloud-hosted software application which serves as a hub for case management services.

Single Stop USA is creating a new pathway for economic mobility in America. Our innovative approach breaks the cycle of poverty by leveraging existing financial resources with opportunities for education, counseling, training, and support—a powerful recipe for lifelong financial stability. Through a unique combination of innovative technology and programmatic expertise, Single Stop is growing the competitive workforce and strengthening local communities.


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