About US


Fedcap, Inc. makes high outcome, life-changing, sustainable
differences for individuals and families to improve their economic well-being through work.

Our values

• Urgency, waiting is over and it is time to act
• We are responsible for our own future
• We learn by doing
• We are life-long learners
• Motivation is a result of productivity


Michael Weinstein

Board Member

Ron Torok

Board Member


"Every e-mail, phone call, or meeting is an opportunity to be a leader."

Grant Collins


Marcia Salovitz

Vice President of Operations

Dennis Sze

Director of Finance

Martin Hanna

Director of Technology
& Systems

Carla Smith

Director of Office
Administration & Personnel

Serena Powell

Executive Director

Kelly Washburn

Senior Director
Workforce Operations

Robert Reiter

Senior director
workforce development

Silvia Estrada

Director of Workforce
and Criminal Justice

Financial statements

"Every e-mail, phone call, or meeting is an opportunity to be a leader."

Fedcap Inc. is a company of The Fedcap Group – a global network of agencies dedicated to advancing the economic and social well-being of the impoverished and disadvantaged. As such, Fedcap Inc.’s financials are included in The Fedcap Group’s consolidated audited financial statements, which you can download here. 

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