Major components of Fedcap Inc's Workforce Development Efforts

Employer Based Training

Fedcap Inc. works with a diverse set of companies to determine their specific hiring needs.

Then, conducting targeted recruitment and tailored training, we a pipeline of skilled and uniquely trained employees that match an employer’s specific needs. The results are productive workers that “hit the ground running” for the company, and a path toward long-term economic self-sufficiency for employees.

NOTE: In 2014 The Fedcap Group held a Solution Series focused on the intersection of Workforce and Economic Development. This in-depth discussion focused on the important role that Employer Based Training can play in the overall competitiveness of business while creating living wage jobs for people with barriers to economic wellbeing.

According to the National Skills Coalition, employer based or sector-based strategies are among the few workforce interventions that statistically demonstrates improved employment opportunities and wages for individuals and increased competitiveness of business.

Benefits and Screening

Our screening and referral services are two-fold:

1.  Screening for mental health and substance use disorders and making referrals to critically needed services through our partnerships with community providers; and

2.  Screening for eligibility for an array of government benefits.

Health and Substance Use Disorder Screening

Having a need and not knowing where to turn for help can be overwhelming. Fedcap’s screening and referral process serves as a “one stop shop” – helping people to navigate the complex service system. When screening individuals for physical health, mental illness and substance use disorders, our call center qualified and trained personnel, provide evidence-based screenings and referrals to the right services at a location that is easy to access.

Benefits Screening

Fedcap Inc. is also committed to ensuring people have access to all benefits for which they are entitled.

Single Stop – a company of The Fedcap Group–is creating a new pathway for economic mobility in America. This innovative approach breaks the cycle of poverty by leveraging existing financial resources with opportunities for education, counseling, training, and support—a powerful recipe for lifelong financial stability.

Single Stop technology is increasingly located where people frequent most—drug stores, grocery stores, and a variety of retail outlets. This “one-stop-shop” provides unprecedented ease of access to a holistic set of services. It is also a growing presence in college campuses around the country—ensuring that young people in college have access to the benefits to which they are entitled, so that they do not have to choose between food and books. Two recent studies (Connecting College Students to Alternative Sources of Support and the Single Stop Final Impact and Implementation Report) have demonstrated the impact that Single Stop has on college persistence and graduation.

Single Stop’s proprietary benefits screening technology allows individuals and families to simply and quickly screen themselves for financial aid, supplemental nutrition assistance, affordable healthcare, health insurance, housing assistance, and local resources. And if individuals need help, a local support person can assist.

Since its launch in 2007, Single Stop has connected 1.7 million households with nearly $5 billion in supports and services.

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Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation (DVE)

The DVE is a series of short individual vocational assessments and evaluations that determine an individual’s interests and aptitudes, academic levels, learning styles, writing skills and other competencies.

The DVE enables us to match employee interests and capacities to particular openings, facilitating job satisfaction and sustainability. The DVE helps participants decide what types of work they want to pursue, what careers they have an aptitude for, and whether or not their current career goal is the right one for them.

The DVE consists of the following:

  • Comprehensive and objective measurement of computer literacy
  • Computerized picture based interest inventory for participants with low literacy levels
  • Computerized version of the Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE)
  • Equipment to assess the potential for careers using computers for individuals with disabilities that affect hand function
  • Motivational, interactive video software program geared towards students transitioning out of high school

Work Readiness

Fedcap Inc. understands that business need workers who are ready to work when they arrive at a new job. After spending years working in close partnership with business, we have come to understand their staffing needs and their struggles with many applications. As such we designed and developed two critical interventions to ensure that people we serve are “job ready” on day one: Power of Possible Training Academy™ and Circle of Support™.

The Power of Possible Training Academy™

The Power of Possible Training Academy™ is a dynamic, 60-hour program that ensures applicants have the soft skills to be effective on the job including time management, working effectively with teams, accepting feedback, prioritization, and much more. The training teaches “to the head, the hand, and the heart” to significantly improve the job-seeker’s understanding, performance, and attitudes.

Circle of Support™

Additionally, we have learned that many of the people we serve have needs that have in the past, impacted their ability to find and maintain employment. We have designed a very special model called the Circle of Support™ that we create within every community served. By intentionally engaging and structuring our relationship with community-based health and behavioral professionals, housing advisors, recovery specialists, childcare providers and an array of other resources. we ensure that when a referral to a community provider is made, the provider responds within a reasonable timeframe, the services are at a level of excellence we expect, and that the communication is such that the integration of efforts results in optimal employment and retention outcomes.

Job Training

In today’s job market, employers are looking for trained individuals who have an understanding of the business. Fedcap Inc. has developed a short term skill building training approach that results in modular, stackable credentials—all enhancing the employability of potential employees.

Job Placement

Businesses that need a trained, work-ready workforce partner with Fedcap. Through our sector based training strategies, our adult education and credentialing and our Power of Possible Training Academy—we full prepare individuals for employment. And when we place someone in a job, they are ready to work day one.   We support  success on the job with retention services including job coaching when indicated.  Every year, because of the efforts of Fedcap Inc. 9000 people with barriers to long term economic wellbeing enter the workforce.  Further, they stay employed as Fedcap Inc. consistently demonstrates top tier retention rates.

Retention and Career Pathway Support

Getting a job is one thing, succeeding in the job is another.  Because many of the people who come to  Fedcap have a spotty history of success in the job market, we are very focused on success post placement.  In order to ensure success we conduct regular check ins with employers and when indicated we provide retention services that include job coaching—offered for every person with a disability who is placed in a job, job clubs where employees can talk through issues they may be having on the job and additional job training.  We also support individuals in advancing in their careers through individualized career pathway counseling. 

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